Direct Mail Response Targeting.

Finding prospects in the crowded consumer lending and debt services space can be nearly impossible. We bring years of experience building targeting models for some of the biggest firms in this industry to solve your targeting problems. Our Direct Mail models are built on detailed credit bureau data and produce unparalleled results.

Holistic Direct Mail

Sometimes it's not just the model. To that end, we will help guide you through finding the best fulfillment options. We have relationships with some of the biggest mail houses in the country (and some of the smallest), each of which brings unique talents and perspectives to Direct Mail. Let us help you find the partner that is best for you.


What makes us different?

We don't sell a "mailing list" we sell a selection methodology built on machine learning and a deep understanding of the key drivers to Direct Mail response. Our philosophy is that DM targeting firms should be open and honest about our capabilities, we only sell what we can deliver.

Who can we help?

If you have or are pursuing a lending license and focus on:

  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Debt relief
  • Home equity lending

More about the models

Our market ready Direct Mail targeting models are built from a blend of 14 individual machine learning models from over 2100 variables. Each model is trained to find specific types of responders. These blends allow us to hone in on the types of consumers likely to respond to your offering.

How do our models perform?

This is the hardest question to answer in direct mail. The simplest answer is that they are performing at or above our clients expectations.
Model performance, as measured by response rate, is impacted by the number of operating states, the monthly mail volume, and other limitations or targets (like unsecured debt or utilization).
The more states a client operates in the more available people there are to target allowing us to send more mail at the same response rates.
The more volume a client wants the lower the overall response rate. It is harder to find responders the deeper we dig into the file.
Rather than establish an arbitrary volume, we choose to work with our clients to find the right response rate to make their DM campaigns profitable. We can then target our selection based on other underwriting criteria to achieve the best possible results.


Our off-the-shelf models are the best in the industry, but you want customization. We'll work with you to track results and layout a plan to build a model that is specifically suited to your product and your target audience.

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